Commitment to Professionalism

In carrying out its work, DLM affirms its commitment to adherence to the standards of professionalism expected and set by the regulatory framework for the Legal Profession in Kenya, as well as best practice. We strive for utmost professionalism in delivering on the triple duties of an advocate to the client, fellow advocates and the courts in order to enhance the necessary trust required between an advocate and their client as well as all other actors in the process chain.

DLM’s Service Charter

  1. To uphold the requisite legal professional standards and obligations at all times when handling both you and your brief;
  2. To adopt best practice in the industry with relation to the management of law firms and clients’ briefs;
  3. To communicate updates of the progress of your brief to us regularly through all available communication channels and to advise you of all the implications regarding your brief at all times so as to allow you to make informed decisions;
  4. To respond to any correspondence that you send to the Firm with an immediate acknowledgement of receipt and subsequently with a comprehensive response where relevant within three working days;
  5. To deal with your complaint, if any, immediately until it is resolved to your satisfaction;

Key Service Documents

Upon instructing DLM to act on your behalf, three key documents will be issued in order to promote the efficient and expeditious disposal of your matter.  These include:

  1. Instruction Note – this contains the clear details of your request with particulars for our services as expressed by yourself, any special notes, and agreement on payment. DLM will proceed to act only upon the client’s signature so as to ensure maximum satisfaction on the part of the client as to the nature of the services that will be undertaken
  2. Guidance and Explanation Note – this contains a summary of the steps that will be taken by DLM in the pursuit of a client’s matter and an indication of any issues the client should note during the course of the matter.
  3. Payment Advice – this document is issued to all clients at the end of every brief and comprises all aspects regarding payments that have been made by the client or in respect of the client by third parties.  It is issued to promote transparency and accountability in all the financial dealings pertaining to a client.


Payment of legal fees in Kenya is governed by  the Advocates (Remuneration) (Amendment) (No. 2) Order, 2014. The Firm is therefore duty bound to abide by the said Regulations that require that clients funds are utilised and accounted for in a transparent and accountable manner in accordance with the specific assignment in question.

Notably, the intricacy and complexity of a matter are other key determinants of cost within the bandwith permitted by the said Remuneration Order.