Legal Consultancy

This service is provided to organisations and institutions that have a project requiring execution. The project may be a purely legal one or the legal element could be one dimension of the project. DLM has the skillsets required to carry out such legal consultancies taking into account the respective terms of reference for the client.

Participatory Action Research.

DLM is able to carry out original or primary research for individuals and organisations that wish to know the impact of certain laws on various aspects of society. This is done using carefully prepared and thought out research protocols in order to yield defendable results.

Public Interest Litigation

With the Constitution, 2010 giving authority for the institution of public interest litigation, DLM is conscious of the importance of litigation that advances the cause(s) of humanity. This is a service that is provided to groups of persons/interest groups or groups of organisations in order to highlight the specific issue from which the cause arises before the courts.