01 Primary Research to Establish the Rate of Compliance by County Assemblies and County Executives with the Constitutional and Statutory Requirements Pertaining to their Composition Following the 2013 General Elections and in Lieu of the 2017 General Elections

The Constitution of Kenya, which was promulgated in August 2010, provides the framework for the creation of the various organs of the state. Bearing in mind Kenya’s incumbent constitutional design, some of the organs created by it are new; these include among others the Senate, various constitutional independent commissions and offices, and of importance in this project, a two tier government comprising the national and 47 county governments. The objects and principles of devolved government are clearly provided for in Article 174 of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010 [CoK] and include, among others, fostering national unity by recognising diversity; promoting democratic and accountable exercise of power; enhancing public participation; promoting and protecting the interests and rights of minorities; and ensuring equitable sharing of national and local resources.

02 Official DLM Research Concept Note

Primary research to establish the rate of compliance by county assemblies and county executives with the constitutional and statutory requirements pertaining to their composition following the 2013 general elections and in lieu of the 2017 general elections.