From time to time opportunities become available for persons interested to join us.  We welcome applications or expressions of interest for the following positions when advertised on our website:

Qualified Advocate

Available for persons holding a valid practicing certificate and qualified to practice law in the Kenyan jurisdiction.

Qualified Researcher.

Available for Kenyan and non-Kenyan students undertaking their post-graduate studies in law and other research-related disciplines.


Available for Kenyan and non-Kenyan students who have completed their law degree and are awaiting graduation; or for those who have graduated and are waiting to take the next step in their career. Internships are for three months and renewable once.

Mentorship and Exposure

Available to undergraduate law students wishing to have a feel of the environment in a law firm and are open for no more than three months for each student accepted.

Modest Funding for Participatory Action Researchers by Law Students

In keeping with DLM’s specialty, the Firm would like to promote legal research as an area of interest among students and play a role in nurturing the abilities of University students in carrying out both primary and secondary research on relevant and topical contemporary issues. The opportunity is open to third and fourth year law students from any law school in Kenya and will be availed in the first quarter of each year to carry out a study of their choice.