Dr Linda Musumba & Co Advocates (DLM) is a Kenyan Law Firm based in Nairobi and founded on the basic notion that lawyers in any country play a critical role in the development of society through the various skills and services they provide; indeed there is no end to the skills, talent and great ability of lawyers in Kenya, which has a very vibrant legal fraternity.

For this reason, the lawyers at DLM, a number who are also actively engaged in legal academic careers, bring their training and skills from the academic environment into the legal practice environment.

In all cases, whether in private or public service, lawyers are expected to provide reasoned legal advice, opinion, and guidance. In private practice lawyers provide their clients with services such as advice and representation in both litigious and non-litigious matters, as well as high-level legal research.

Ultimately, the public and private work that lawyers in Kenya carry out plays a significant role in development both in the public and private spheres. In light of the foregoing, DLM is oriented towards playing a role in the development process through the production of work of a calibre that is satisfactory to the needs and expectations of the client or sponsoring institution/ organisation.

This is achieved through the constitution of competitive teams of lawyers and consultants, depending on the assignment, and strict adherence to the guidelines and regulations governing the legal profession in Kenya.

Fundamental Statements

Core Values

D – diligence, dedication, conscientiousness, thoroughness and accountability as the essentials of our work ethic;
L – loyalty, integrity, professionalism, trustworthiness and reliability as the basis of our relationship with our clients.
M – mastery in its areas of specialty as the Firm’s singular aim in the provision of its services.


In order to achieve its Vision, DLM commits itself to:

  • Observing and adhering to all national and legal professional ethics and requirements;
  • Continuous training of all its personnel on the principles relevant to the provision of the high standards of service expected by our clients;
  • Developing new and effective approaches and ways of working across disciplines in order to offer our clients a holistic service and perspectives;
  • Investing in the use of technology as a means of working smart, and promoting the accuracy of our advisory services;


    DLM believes that for sound, sustainable and progressive development to take place at the individual, corporate and national level, there is need for the input of lawyers to be incorporated from the early stages of initiatives so that the foundation is stable. For this reason DLM believes in- COMPETITIVENESS AT LAW THROUGH SMART TEAMWORK.


    To be a leading law firm offering legal consultancy on topical contemporary issues and related services to local, regional, and international clients.